Mountain Cat

Directed by
Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir

A sick teenage girl is coerced into seeing a local shaman in search of spiritual healing. Trapped by ancient beliefs that serve only to pacify her mother, she finds peace in the physical realm by unleashing her repressed, youthful spirit on the unsuspecting shaman when she realises his true identity.


Directed by
Barnaby Southcombe

Two mismatched lovers arrive at the British seaside town of Scarborough, seeking an escape from the constraints of real life. Liz, desperately shy and beautiful, seems older than her companion, the happy-go-lucky and impulsive Daz. In their faded hotel room, amongst the peeling wallpaper and away from the prying eyes of their hometown, they laugh, quarrel, make love and enjoy their anonymity.


Gone Too Far!

Directed by Destiny Ekaragha

When teenage Yemi meets his long-lost Nigerian brother Ikudaysi, he quickly finds his estranged sibling’s African heritage and unimpressive fashion sense – socks and sandals! – a blight on his own street cred, particularly when trying to impress local troublemaking temptress Armani. As simmering adolescent passions and West Indian-African tensions erupt over the course of one day on their estate, the two brothers must decide where their loyalties lie.



Director: Olivia Silver

A beautiful coming-of-age story set in a vast, cross-country landscape. Twelve-year-old Greta’s dad Tom wakes her up before dawn and crams her and her two siblings into a dented station wagon. They set off on a journey that will change their lives forever.


Dirty Weekend

Directed by Christopher Granier-Deferre

Two reckless romantics on a doomed weekend in Normandy find themselves sharing their idyllic love nest with a disturbed fugitive.



Directed by Andrew Hull

Three friends set out for a weekend of boating around the North African coast. Drawn to the shallows by a damsel in distress they soon realise they are in far greater danger than she ever was.

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The Hide

Director: Marek Losey

On the windswept Suffolk mudflats creaks a bird-hide, inside which hovers Roy Tunt, a prematurely aged, mildly obsessive-compulsive birder. Suddenly the hide door blows open and a bedraggled stranger – unshaven, edgy and bloodied – introduces himself as Dave John, a fugitive from the storm.

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Poisson Rouge Pictures is one of the most experienced co-producers of multi-national films in the UK. The company has long been involved with high end feature films and television programmes with partners including MK2, France Television and Pathe Pictures. With over 20 years experience in producing films in the UK, across Europe and around the world, the company offers a full range of services for international partners, from creative consultation to financing, logistics and production servicing. Some of the films we’re proud to have been involved in are:


Staring: Michael Fassbender & Romola Garai


Arsene Lupin

Staring: Romain Duris, Eva Green & Kristin Scott-Thomas

Demain tout commence

Starring: Omar Sy and Clémence Poésie.

Desaccord Parfait

Staring: Charlotte Rampling & Jean Rochefort

Mes Amis Mes Amours

Staring: Virginie Ledoyen

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